VLOG 3: What would your students VLOG about?

This VLOG explores student voice. The VLOG provides ideas for moving beyond simply asking students what they think toward using prompts such as magazines or photos and provides an example of students creating movies of their physical education experiences.

These four articles provide further information on how to engage with student voice in physical education and sport pedagogy.

Enright, E., & O’Sullivan, M. (2010). “Can I do it in my pyjamas?” Negotiating a physical education curriculum with teenage girls. European Physical Education Review, 16(3), 203-222.

Goodyear, V.A., Casey, A., & Kirk, D. (2013). Slights, cameras, inaction: using flip cameras in Cooperative Learning to explore girls’ (dis)engagement in physical education. In L. Azzarito & D. Kirk (Eds.), Pedagogies, Physical Culture and Visual Methods (Routledge Studies in Physical Education and Youth Sport) (pp. 47-61). London: Routledge.

Goodyear, V.A., Casey, A., & Kirk, D. (2013). Using flip cameras as a pedagogic device to explore girls’ (dis)engagement in physical education. Active and Healthy Magazine: Australian Council Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 20(3/4), 5-9.

Oliver, K. (2001). Images of the body from popular culture: engaging adolescent girls in critical enquiry. Sport, Education, & Society, 6(2), 143-164.

The You Tube clips on student voice can be found here:



5 thoughts on “VLOG 3: What would your students VLOG about?”

  1. Interesting VLOG Vicky, it’s amazing that as teachers we often think we have a good idea of how our students are feeling, when in reality our perceptions are often not quite on target. In my previous school we did a department switch and ran focus groups with students reviewing their experiences in the other department. The groups were much more comfortable sitting down with ‘Mrs MFL’ to discuss PE and vice versa, this then gave us some good quality, honest information to act upon to help improve student experience. Although sometimes I do wonder how much we should be influenced by student voice compared to our own professional judgement. I think there is a balance to be struck between the two.

    Thanks again, I look forward to the next video.


    1. Hi Jordan
      I know, to be honest the comments on the video did take me a few days to get over and see them in a positive light. I like the idea of using different teachers from different subject areas to help engage with student voice. I also completely agree with your comment about professional judgement. An example is that students often say they want more choice in activities, but is this really what they want? Also choice is often not possible within the constraints of the department (other classes, equipment, facilities etc).
      Thanks for your comment


  2. Thanks Dr. Goodyear,

    I really appreciate your VLOGs. VLOGs are something that I am going to be working on with my middle schoolers in just a couple of weeks and I would like to see what I can carry on with as I move up to high school next year. As for my first VLOG, I’ll be taking notes from you and asking my students to assess and talk about how they feel about PE. I think it would be really helpful as a teacher to gain some feedback from my students.

    Mark @PhysEdDude


    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks for the comment. Certainly videos and a video based project was something that I found helped me to grasp my students opinions. I’d be very interested to here how it goes – do you have any plans for how you are going to set this up?


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