VLOG 9: Technology: some key considerations

This VLOG provides 3 key considerations for technology use by using exergames as an example: (1) Ideal perceptions of the body, (2) learning in multiple domains, (3) learning first.

Articles linked to this VLOG include:

The Guardian Article: “Computer games vs PE: teachers use tech to get students moving” http://www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/2015/may/06/technology-arch-enemy-physical-activity?CMP=share_btn_tw

Research articles and presentations:

Meckbach, J., Gibbs, B., Almqvist, J., & Quennerstedt, M. 2014. Wii Teach Movement Qualities in Physical Education, Sport Science Review, 5-6, 241-266

Ohman, M., Almqvist, J., Meckbach, J., & Quennerstedt, M. 2014. Competing for ideal bodies: a study of exergames used as teaching aids in schools, Critical Public Health, 24(2), 196-209

Gibbs, B. 2014. How do Wii learn to dance? Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Conference, London.

Should we have a pedagogy of technology: DrAshCasey Slideshare

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