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Cooperative Learning Triangle Ball

This task is used to demonstrate how to scaffold learning and provide progressive tasks.  It highlights how to set up physical, social and cognitive goals for tasks and lessons but also how tasks within the Cooperative Learning Model should ensure individual accountability and positive interdependence (key elements of the Cooperative Learning model)


Cooperative Learning: Group Muscle Juggle

Group Juggle is a an activity that can be used within Cooperative Learning to promote learning in the physical, cognitive, social, and affective domains. This clip shows how it can combine fundamental movement skills (physical), develop an understanding of muscles and strategies to keep the objects moving in the circle (cognitive), promote communication skills (social) and enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning (affective).

To use this task:
Step 1: one person begins with one object (ball, frisbee)
Step 2: The object is passed around the circle until a pattern (or sequence) of the path of the ball is established
Step 3: Once the object returns to the first player the same patter is repeated
Step 4: More objects are gradually introduced into the sequence by player one

(a) Ask the players to call the name of the person they are throwing to
(b) Use different words, such as muscles, numbers, or key phrases
(c) Use a variety of different objects

Pause the task – and ask the learners to discuss what is going well and how can they improve (group processing)