Resources for Lessons and Units

Physical Education Teachers Top Tips for Using Cooperative Learning 

The following article was written in collaboration with teachers from the Buckingham School and Birchwood High. This article provides top tips on how to use Cooperative Learning and how to plan for the use of the non-negotiables of the model

PEM Autumn 2012 Goodyear-page-002PEM Autumn 2012 Goodyear-page-003

Cooperative Learning: Jigsaw Learning

The resource below shows how to use the Cooperative Learning structure Jigsaw in the context of games making. It provides a way of planning for the non-negotiables of Cooperative Learning

Jigsaw Learning MAIN-page-001

The article by Hastie and Casey (2010) provides lesson examples of how to use Jigsaw Learning. The full article can be accessed at:

Jigsaw article AC-page-001

Run the Gauntlet – Click on this link to access a resource that describes how to play Run the Gauntlet (VLOG 12)

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